Thanks for Sharing Contest

The Scapecast is excited to announce a writer’s contest!
First Prize is a $50.00 gift certificate to
Second Prize is a $30.00 gift certificate to
Third Prize is a $30.00 gift certificate to
What do you need to do to win one of these awesome prizes?
Write us an original article about Farscape on any topic that tickles your interest. We are looking for an article a minimum 1000 words in length. It can be silly or profound. Or both. It can be happy or sad. It can be about the different species in Farscape or about the humans on Erp. It can be about the fans or the show. Multi-part articles are welcome, but all judging will be on the first 1000 words. Submission must be complete, regardless of length.
Be a part of a Parsec Award Winning Podcast and submit your entry by January 5, 2007. This is your chance to give your writing the Scapecast treatment!
Note: By submitting your work, you agree that the ScapeCast may use your work on our show.
Fanfics and filks are not eligible for judging.
Submit an article to the Thanks For Sharing contest and share your wonder in Farscape.
Oh, and we’ll be offering some smaller prizes every couple of weeks for early submissions, so send them in soon.