Frelling 10 Year Farscape Convention!

Farscape_LogoMost Scapers know that this weekend is the The Third Final Frellin’ Farewell 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration. Many of our crew are in California right now slamming raslak, er celebrating at the LAX Marriott with other Scapers, which is why the regular ScapeCast episode is delayed.

Due to all the celebrating, a new episode full of convention highlights and other Scapery goodness has been slightly delayed. The wait will be worth it though, as we’ll have some convention goodies to share.

Until then, you can find links to convention updates from our friends at the Terra Firma forum. Scape on!

Television Without Pity Enters the Wormhole

The fabulous and often humorous television review site, Television Without Pity, has opened a new Farscape section. They are currently progressing through the entire series, adding their own unique touch to the collective understanding of our favorite show.
Be sure to check them out and click on some advertising banners while you’re there to show your support for TWoP’s work. Showing support for TWoP will encourage them to keep pimping Farscape, and with the press TWoP is getting nationally, that will help keep Farscape in the spotlight!