Scaper Chronicles Hiatus is Over!

We had some real life issues come up, as they like to do, but our month long May hiatus is just about over.  You should see a new Scaper Chronicles in the next couple of days, folks.

And look forward to a new episode for each and every single episode of Farscape.  Our commitment on that front has not changed!  Through Bad Timing and The Peacekeeper Wars, stay tuned to the ScapeCast’s Scaper Chronicles as your continuing guide to the wonders of Farscape.

The ScapeCast is Proud to Present… The Scaper Chronicles

The ScapeCastThat’s right. We’re back.

Coming soon, we will be releasing a new series of podcasts entitled the Scaper Chronicles, which will cover each and every episode of Farscape, in order, for new and old fans alike. Hosted by Lou Sytsma and Karen Lindsay, the show will include experienced and familiar voices as well as fresh new Scapers who are experiencing the show for the first time.

Stay tuned to this feed for more news and our first episode in the Scaper Chronicles.  The ScapeCast continues to be your guide to the wonders of Farscape.

The ScapeCast is Taking A Break…

We’re not gone forever, but our podcast is going to go into hibernation for now. When and if something big happens in the Farscape world, the podcast will return. And, heck, we might even slap one together from time to time as well.

For now, we will continue to update our Facebook and Twitter accounts as news items appear, but there will be no regularly released podcasts for the foreseeable future. With five seasons of ScapeCast podcasts behind us, we hope that Scapers (new and veteran) will have plenty to enjoy in the meantime.